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  • What does "non-surgical" mean?
    Non-surgical body contouring treatments are a less invasive alternative to body enhancing surgeries. They work by burning excess fat off of your body as well as tightening loose skin, without going under anesthetic and experiencing the long recovery times that come along with getting liposuction, tummy tucks or Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries. There is absolutely no downtime with non-invasive and non-surgical procedures.
  • Do I need to maintain a healthy workout regimen and diet to get perfect results from the services you offer?
    It is always recommended to eat healthy and exercise to see maximum results, as it is with any type of weight loss procedure. Most of the services or packages include nutrition coaching and or a recommended meal plan that will help you incorporate healthier meals into your lifestyle.
  • Is there anything I need to do before my appointment?
    Please drink at least 2 liters of water prior to your appointment. The best way to get and maintain your results is making sure you stay hydrated. Please arrive with clean, dried skin (do not come for your appointment after a workout or following any other skin treatments on your body) and please arrive 5-10 minutes early so you can fill out any paperwork and/or get prepared to begin your session.
  • Can I bring my children to my appointment?
    Please find alternative childcare when coming for your appointment. The treatment room only comfortably fits two people and is filled with expensive and potentially dangerous equipment, and we are not comfortable leaving children alone in our lobby for extended periods of time for various liability reasons.
  • How early should I arrive for my appointment?
    Please do not arrive any earlier than 15 minutes before your appointment out of courtesy for the appointment before yours, as Flabuless Wellness is most likely still finishing up with a previous client. Please text upon arrival/parking, so Flabuless Wellness can sanitize and prepare the room for your session.
  • How many body contouring treatments will I need to see results?
    This will vary per client, depending on client's weight and lifestyle. You will see results from your first session, on average, a client may see results anywhere from 3-10 regularly scheduled sessions (once per week.) If you follow our recommendations, you can expect to drop 5-10+ inches of fat in less than 30 days. You must wait a minimum of 72 hours between each treatment for maximum results. Scheduling a consultation will help determine the recommended treatment plan.
  • Do the body contouring or enhancement treatments hurt?
    All procedures are virtually painless. No procedures require any downtime.
  • Do you allow same day booking?
    If Flabuless Wellness has availability remaining on your desired date, we do allow same day booking. Please contact us or click here to view all available appointments.
  • Do you require a deposit for bookings?
    You are required to pay either 35% of your session or your session in full (on certain services) in order to secure your appointment date and time. Please contact us for more details, and if you would like to make a booking online, click here.
  • What if I arrive late for my appointment?
    Flabuless Wellness Studios allows a 15 minute grace period before your session must be rescheduled to another date and time. You are allowed to reschedule your appointment once.
  • What is the re-scheduling/cancellation policy?
    Flabuless Wellness Studios - Arlington requires 24 hours notice for re-scheduling or cancellation of any appointment or treatment. Anything less than 24 hours notice may result in a forfeit of your session and a new session will be required to re-book. If you purchased a package, you can use your next session.
  • What is body sculpting?
    Body sculpting includes surgical and nonsurgical fat reduction procedures. These procedures reduce or remove stubborn pockets of fat to contour and shape different areas of the body. What is nonsurgical body sculpting? Non Surgical body sculpting is also known as nonsurgical fat reduction. There are many types of nonsurgical fat reduction procedures including the ones listed below: Butt Cupping Therapy: is a non-evasive, non-surgical technique for tissue stimulation for your buttock in a short period of time. Cavitation: Destroys fat cells by using low frequency sound waves. These waves will put vapor bubbles into your body’s tissues which will absorb the fat and naturally remove it from your body. Is a non- invasive procedure designed to tighten, reshape, and tone skin. Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Lymphatic Drainage is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues. Radio Frequency: Radio Frequency energy penetrates the skin layers to selectively heat the skin tissue where the collagen fibers are embedded and it also targets fat cells. Vacuum Therapy: Vacuum is created around the area, lifting the cellulite away from the muscle, thus encouraging blood flow, stimulating lymphatic drainage and amplifying the effects of massage or exercise. Reduces excess fat deposit in hips, thighs and buttocks. Improves skin tightness, firmness and elasticity. Wood Therapy: The wood massages treat area(s) with pressure to break down stubborn fat cells and cellulite which is eliminated naturally through your body. Wood Therapy is a natural yet effective treatment that uses wooden instruments to mold, redefine body contours, reduce cellulite and promote weight loss while improving the body’s size and proportions.
  • What is the “down time” of these procedures?
    All of our services are noninvasive and require no downtime. You can resume daily activities immediately after the treatment.
  • How long does a treatment take?
    One full service treatment area takes 80-90 minutes.
  • How long do body contouring results last?
    Results for both surgical and non-surgical treatments can last a very long time: up to 10 years or more. This type of treatment is considered a permanent solution. The best way to have long-lasting results is to maintain a steady weight and a regular exercise routine after you are recovered.
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